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The aim of my training programme is the attainment of competence in the area of in which the training is given. My training philosophy is based on the following values and principles:

1. Relationship:
I use a participative approach to training in which I encourage my trainees to ask questions, have open discussion, bring personal experiences and argue their points in an “I’m OK – You’re OK” way.

2. Autonomy & Responsibility:

My trainees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own needs by my asking what they want and expect to gain from the programme at the outset and to change these should they so wish during the course of the programme. I will, in turn, attempt to provide for their requirements to the best of my ability and failing that will let them know what I cannot provide. This is based on the principle that everyone can think and take responsibility for themselves.

3. Mutuality:
This includes the above as well as mutual trust and choice in terms of whether the trainee wishes to continue with the training or not and a respect for his/her dignity.

4. Contracting:
A contract is made with the trainees.
This contract is based on:
a) The content of the course, payment for the presentation, dates and times; and method of presentation.
b) Participants are required to participate fully in the programme, and to attend all sessions if possible.

5. Openness & Safety
As a result of the above contracting, the aim is to create an environment in which it is as safe as possible for participants to be honest and open due to the professional and ethical manner in which the training is provided.
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